Recognizing a voice


Today we have been looking at the piece called 'Unison'*. It consists of three different moments:

1 first everybody produces a sustain sound that last as long as their breathing

2 then they scan the group to make sure that can hear everyone else

3 finally the negotiate an unison that can incorporate at least one of several of the following parameters: 

a/ pitch


c/ register

During this experience I could hear all the participants except one of them. This sometimes happens as the group can be very large but this time we were only six and I could quite well hear the other participants. 


This  experience brings in question around how do we recognize sounds. Is this a matter of distance ? Familiarity with sounds? 

Later during this same session we have been performing Pauline Oliveros piece called 'One Word' that asks performer to choose a word and play with it by pronouncing it very slow and very fast. This time we choose the word 'divest' that is used in London by several group of activists in order to lobby against institutions that are investing in fossil energies companies. 

Below you can listen to an excerpt of our performance.

* This piece is inspired by Oliveros's Sonic Mediation XVI


One Word - The Study Group
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